Furnace Filters: How To and Why Replace Them

furnare-filterOne of the likely troubles a new owner of a house with a forced-air furnace could stumble upon is not realizing that there might be a filter in the system that requires a recharge. And regardless if they do, they may not come into apprehending that this part has to be substituted every once in a while in order to maintain the furnace’s running efficiency at the maximum, not to mention to avoid contaminants from taking over the dwelling place.

Luckily, changing a furnace filter after you understand what you are doing is quite an easy job. There are conducts to fail the task, though, for instance by purchasing the incorrect furnace filter or placing it in the wrong direction, which can hinder the air flow rather than cleaning it. You could engage a furnace cleaning service in Calgary or wherever you are in Canada, or just go do it yourself. If you prefer the DIY, to do it right, here are the things needed to be done.

Identify the filter’s make

To start with, ask yourself the filter you have what kind it is. To find out, begin by powering off the furnace. Take out the present filter, which you can locate within the furnace or in the bounds of the return air vent.

See for the indicative arrow on the filter which tells the direction of the airflow. Making use of a long-lasting marker, sketch the direction of airflow on the furnace exterior. This way you will know instantly the correct way to install or put back the furnace filter. Then, document the size of the filter.

By the way, a reusable filter model the one with a plastic frame. If this is what you are seeing, then all you need to do is to have it cleaned periodically using water and vacuum. Cleaning can be messy, so do it outdoors. Before reinstalling, be sure it is completely dry.